Cairo drug dealer files lawsuit from prison

From Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione:


On November 23, 2016, Cairo resident, Furman Gilmore, was convicted of nine counts of Possession and Sale of Heroin, Fentanyl and Cocaine. The arrest was the result of a joint investigation conducted by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, New York State Police, Capital District Drug Enforcement Task Force, Cairo Police Department, New York State Division of Parole and the Greene County District Attorney’s Office.

Furman Gilmore served a prior term of incarceration with the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. He was released to Parole in June 2015. Shortly thereafter it was learned that Gilmore commenced a “drug dealing” business out of his residence in Cairo, Greene County, New York. The joint investigation ultimately led to Gilmore’s arrest in September 2015. Gilmore’s trial was scheduled to begin in September 2016 when, just before the commencement of the trial, Gilmore chose to plead guilty to all nine counts of the indictment.

On November 22, 2016, Gilmore was sentenced to serve seven years in state prison. In addition, he will serve two years for violating his term of parole thereby resulting in nine years incarceration followed by a term of three years post release supervision.

Gilmore has since filed a Federal lawsuit against members of the New York State Police, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and NYS Division of Parole alleging that while he was in jail his health deteriorated because he suffered a “loose tooth”. Gilmore alleges that while he was housed at the Columbia County Jail, due to lack of cell space at the Greene County Jail, Correction Officers failed to adhere to his demand that he immediately be brought to a dentist, and that the delay in the scheduled dentist visit caused him to suffer anxiety over his fear that he might accidentally swallow the tooth. Gilmore further alleges that during the execution of the search warrant of his residence he was caused to fall thereby suffering a swollen ankle. Gilmore seeks damages of ten million dollars. Gilmore is representing himself in the lawsuit. As of this date, Gilmore has produced no medical records to substantiate a claim entitling him to damages. Each agency is defending against the matter as a frivolous lawsuit filed at the taxpayers’ expense.

D.A. Stanzione states that through his frivolous lawsuit Gilmore again victimizes the citizens of Greene County.

This is not the first time Gilmore has commenced a lawsuit against law enforcement. In December 2014, Gilmore commenced a Federal lawsuit against members of the New York State Division of Parole, the Catskill Village Police Department, the New York State Police and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office alleging that, at the time of his January 2012 arrest for “possession of narcotics with the intent to sell”, law enforcement officials applied his handcuffs too tight, failed to allow him to go to the bathroom when he demanded to go, was sexually violated by a female officer and was tackled by three officers at the same time. Gilmore seeks damages of thirty million dollars in that law suit. Gilmore failed to provide specifics of his claim within the time frame set by the presiding Federal Court Judge, and has recently made an application to extend those time periods. Gilmore is representing himself in that lawsuit. Those sued oppose an extension referring to the matter as yet another baseless and frivolous lawsuit.

D.A. Stanzione states that Gilmore has a pattern of commencing frivolous lawsuits as a means of retaliating against officers & agencies that hold him accountable for his actions.

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