Columbia County Council on arts Closes it's doors

Announcement that went out today:

To Members and Supporters of CCCAIt is with deep regret that we announce the closing of Columbia County Council on the Arts.

For several years CCCA has attempted to operate despite the loss of NY State funding and diminished County, City and private funding. Expenses have increased in all areas and we have been unable to keep pace with the current economy. 

Gallery sales and member support, though truly appreciated, were not sufficient to stem the tide of rising expenses. After the abrupt resignation of the executive director, the small handful of remaining volunteer Board Members attempted to move forward and find solutions to our current economic situation. 

Sadly, the decision had to be made to close the gallery space on Warren Street due to a lack of funds. A closing sale of assets was held in order to meet some of our financial obligations.We wish to thank all who supported CCCA's last fundraising event, Chatham Meadows, this past summer. 

The proceeds of this event significantly helped with the existing circumstances.We wish to thank all who made CCCA a wonderful community for the arts for over 50 years. Though CCCA is closing its doors, we hope you all continue to reach out to friends made through CCCA and that relationships with local businesses and organizations, fostered by CCCA, flourish and continue to bring art to our community.

A special thank you to all our volunteers who pitched in and endlessly offered their time. You know who you are and we do too. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.Special thanks also to our gracious Warren Street landlords--Ruth and Michael--for their support and generosity through the years.And our gratitude extends to all those who went out of their way in recent months by offering their services, support and ideas.

Our sincere and best regard, we will miss you all.CCCA Board of Directors

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