Making a local call?- you will have to dial TEN digits

Changes are coming to the 518 area code starting March 18th. You will have to dial ten digits to make a local phone call. To call here at the station, that would be 518 828 5006. 

Last year, public comment sessions were held across the 17 counties that are part of the 518 area code. They are running out of numbers and had to come up with a new plan to accommodate all the new numbers. Here is the timeline of what's coming up:

March 18th- Begin dialing Ten digits for local calls  518 + the phone number

(for the first few months, if you forget the area code, the call will still go through)

August 19th- Using ten digits for a local call is mandatory. If you don't use ten numbers, you will get a recording telling you to hang up and try again.

September 19th- New phones installed in this area will have the area code 838. 

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