Catskill woman scammed for $10,000

We wrote about this scam just six days ago

Catskill Police are investigating the case of a 91 year old village woman, who was scammed for $10,000. The caller said that a relative was in trouble and she needed to buy $10,000 in gift cards, and call them back with the cards security numbers, which she did. 

Lucky, quick work by Catskill Police were able to get $6000 back from Price Chopper. Unfortunately, the other store she went to would not refund the $4000 she spent on cards. So, the woman is out $4000. 

Catskill Police say, if you get a call like this, please contact your local police before doing anything. And please talk to any elderly relatives, that may not keep up on stories like this, to please have them do the same. Call the police first.

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