Free Donuts and Salvation Army at Hudson Shop-Rite

Come to the Hudson Shop-Rite Friday morning for a free donut, and help the Hudson Salvation Army!

On Friday, June 2, 2017, The Salvation Army will once again commemorate the creation of one of America’s all-time favorite things—the donut—on National Donut Day.

To celebrate National Donut Day 2017, The Hudson Salvation Army will at outside Shop Rite beginning at 9am hand out sweet treats to the community. We will also be passing out information about Salvation Army programs and services to better inform the public about our work. Thank you Shop Rite for donating donuts to help us celebrate!

Developed during World War I by resourceful Salvation Army women assisting on the front lines, these sweet treats also represent a connection between our esteemed service personnel and the many selfless volunteers and officers who dedicated their lives to preserving American freedom. Later, these delectable items were brought back to the United States.

It was during the Great Depression that The Salvation Army started National Donut Day in order to raise funds and bring awareness to their social service programs. Donut Day also honored the original Donut Lassies who fried up doughnuts (7 at a time in metal helmets!) for soldiers.

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