Palenville woman in horrible car crash, needs your help

Daniella was severely injured in a one car accident early Monday morning. 

Her family describes her condition. A link to a go-fund-me page is listed below.

Daniella Mayo of Palenville, A 20 year old, is a hard-working, outgoing young mother who has always managed to fill our hearts with love and give us smiles of joy. Wherever she went she was constantly filled with positive vibes and always had plenty of love to give, especially to her son, Damien. Daniella is the type of girl that is able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, always asking if someone is okay or if they need anything.

Early Monday morning, Daniella was in a very bad car accident on Route 23A that broke all of the bones in her face, a couple ribs, a part of her collar, her pelvis and has already gone through a major emergency surgery at Albany Medical Center to prevent her brain swelling from causing any more damage. She has over three hundred stitches in her head and is going to need more surgeries in the future. Being that she was by herself at the time and there were no witnesses, the cause of the accident remains unknown. We do know that she side swiped a bunch of trees before finally hitting one last tree and coming to a stop. She somehow managed to get her hazard lights on and someone saw and called 9-1-1.

Link to the go-fund-me page here:

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