New scam targets Catskill High School residents

from Catskill Police:

Press Release

June 21, 2017

The Catskill Police Department announces another possible scam which has resurfaced in our area again. At first glance, the bill appeared to have come from the Catskill Central School District, specifically the Catskill High School. They are asking for $169.00 in exchange for an advertisement on the Catskill High School's 2017 Fall Sports Poster.

The invoice from the company, Sports Media, with an address in Memphis, Tennessee contained fine print denying any affiliation with the school district. The Sports Media Company has shown addresses in several different states and your school district receives none of the funds.

Catskill Police Department says to never send personal or company credit card information via mail or telephone or to businesses requesting this type of payment. In this instance, invoice billing was being sent by: Sports Media 1490 Union Ave, #401

Memphis, TN 38104

(888) 441-9584

After receiving the fax or invoice via mail, you may receive a phone call from a generated local number. The subject on the phone line will attempt to gather your information. This subject has no ties to the Catskill Central School District and you should not give any information or funds. The company has a confirmed "Alert" on the Better Business Bureau link and appears to send notices requesting payment information to charge your credit card, which include your providing the account numbers and three or four digit CCV number.

An Internet search of this company showed multiple warning issued by police agencies in the past. Anyone with questions or complaints regarding Sports Media should contact their local police agency and the following authorities:

* New York State Attorney General's Complaint Resource Center at

* The Better Business Bureau at

* The Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357 or

A copy of one of the invoices is below. (The receivers information has been blocked out but was originally position above the Method of Payment)

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