Bar in Ohio Allowed Customers To Use Food Stamps to Buy Drugs, Lap Dances

Bar in Ohio loses liquor license after drugs and lap dances exchanged for food stamps

A popular bar in Dayton, Ohio has lost its liquor license after undercover agents say they were able to purchase drugs and lap dances using food stamps the Dayton Daily News reports

Sharkeys, also known as Twenty Two Fifty Inc., has been under investigation by police since May of last year, WHIO-TV reports. The Ohio Liquor Control Commission revoked the adult entertainment's liquor license on Thursday after undercover agents testified that they were able to exchange up to $2,404.87 in foot stamps for heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, cocaine, methamphetamines, and lap dances since the investigation began in May of this year. 

Charges have been filed against employees and patrons for drug trafficking, food stamp trafficking, aggravated shipment and distribution of heroin, engaging in a patter of corrupt activity, and illegal sexual activity. 

Another 44 additional administrative charges were heard by the Liquor Control Commission that included drug possession, drug sales, engaging in sexual activity, food stamp trafficking and solicitation. 

This isn't the first adult entertainment establishment to lose their liquor permit over food stamp fraud. A second establishment, The Harem, also lost their liquor license in May after an investigation by the Ohio Investigative Unit assigned to food stamp and drug trafficking. 

Photo: Getty Images


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