TRENDING: People Are DIYing Their Own Lip Fillers

People love plumping up their lips and now it seems some are taking matters into their own hands to get the pout they want. There’s an alarming new trend of people using DIY filler pens on their lips and posting it online.Videoson YouTube and TikTok show women injecting their lips or face with a Hyaluron pen, which uses air pressure to insert fillers. But this is one trend you don’t want to try at home.

There are tutorials from YouTubers likeBaby Emthat demonstrate how they use filler pens and videos that explain the best filler options. The injection pens they use were designed to be used for painless insulin delivery, according to dermatologistDr. Marisa Garshick, and you can buy the Hyaluron pen and fillers on Amazon. But she and other dermatologists warn against doing any DIY fillers at home.

“This is really one of the worst things I’ve seen,” says dermatologistDr. Debra Jaliman. She explains that Hyaluronic acid, a type of facial filler, can cause swelling, lumps, or even blindness. And she says she wouldn’t try this at home, even as an expert. Another reason to avoid the DIY treatment is that buying the products online is dicey since “they may not even be real fillers,” Jaliman warns. So if you really want to plump up your lips, book an appointment with a licensed, trained professional instead of messing with your own face.


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