Pharmaceutical Pollution: A Growing Threat to Our Rivers & Streams

Join Cary President Joshua Ginsberg for a virtual Cary Science Conversation on “Pharmaceutical Pollution: A Growing Threat to Our Rivers & Streams” with freshwater ecologist Emma Rosi.

With every flush and shower, pharmaceuticals and personal care products go down the drain. Many are not filtered out by wastewater treatment, leaving streams and rivers awash in everything from painkillers and antidepressants to amphetamines and illicit drugs.

In this science conversation, Emma Rosi will discuss how these chemicals can impact animals living in and near streams. Of particular concern is what happens when they are dosed with a combination of chemicals, and how these pharmaceutical ‘cocktails’ impact ecosystems.

Rosi’s team is working to understand effects of pharmaceutical contamination on rivers and streams globally.

This event is free and open to all, with time for audience Q&A. Register via EventBrite to receive Zoom login details.

Learn more and register at www. C A R Y

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