Viral TikTok Video Makes Your Phone Feel Colder

Photo: Getty Images

We all know how crazy optical illusions can be and the confusion you feel not being able to tell if an image is a woman's neck or her back, or if a picture shows a wall or a river. However, that feeling doesn't only happen with things you see, and a new video on TikTok proves just how other senses can be fooled too.

The clip promises viewers that by watching the video, their phone will feel colder. It shows different images of air conditioners and plays the sound made by the cooling device. A shocking number of commenters claim they did indeed feel their device getting chilly while watching the video.

One person wrote, "Why do I feel air coming out my phone?" and others said that they played the video when their phone was heating up and it worked and brought their device's temperature down.

Of course, a TikTok video is not going to actually cool off a phone, but it can make your mind think it is getting colder. So why is it happening? Well a psychologist explained to the Daily Mirror that "it is an example of the power of suggestion combined with sensory input designed to simulate the real thing." She stated, "We have grown to associate the feeling of being cold with seeing an air conditioning unit up close while also listening to the sound of it circulating the cool air."

Regardless, with the summer months not far away, it might be a good idea to remember this video on those hot days ahead.

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