WORST Halloween Candy - RANKED

Can we all agree the Reese Peanut Butter Cup reign's supreme? Let's all just be honest with one another okay? But - what about the WORST Halloween Candy? To be honest - I think I may have to go with Dum-Dum's. You know, those tiny little awful mini lollipops? That's the candy you buy when you DON'T want to buy the expensive stuff. Starburst are pretty weak too - only when you cheat the system and give out ONE individually wrapped candy per kid. By the way - I LOVE Necco Wafers and Candy Corn. Shall we check out the list?

This list is from a pretty official source - CandyStore.com, although, I must say, I REALLY disagree with a few of their choices!

10 - Licorice (agreed, its awful and no kid OR person likes it)
9 - Good & Plenty (for the most part yes...the candy shell is good, but then - stuck with the licorice)
8 - Tootsie Rolls (I never liked these either, although Tootsie Pops are pretty good)
7 - Mary Janes (utterly dreadful...so far this list is accurate)
6 - Wax Coke Bottles (do they even make these anymore?)
5 - Necco Wafers (this is where I have a MAJOR problem - love them!)
4 - Smarties (eh, they're okay, but get a little too sour)
3 - Peanut Butter Kisses (they sound good but are actually gross, check the link above to see what they look like, you'll agree)
2 - Circus Peanut (THESE should be #1 - how are they EVEN STILL SOLD!! Dreadful!!)

1 - Candy Corn!!! REALLY??? HOW is that possible!! Candy Corn is GREAT - AND - if it WAS SO BAD - why is SOLD MUCH SOLD!! There - in you're face list!!


mixed halloween candy background

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