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Ridiculous food trends from the year you were born

Fine Dining Table for Two, Restaurant Dinner; Salmon Fish Seafood

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Each of us probably has a food, snack or drink from our childhood that was just a fad. Some of those trendy dishes didn’t last long. Mashed dot com listed the most ridiculous food trend the year you were born.

Here's some examples:

Born in 1972 (The Year I was born!) Cheese balls were the rage, especially at the holidays, cream cheese coated with nuts and seeds. YUCK!

Born in 1979? Mom was probably cooking with Crisco…not so popular anymore.

1985? You can’t forget New Coke or Jolt Cola.

1990 brought us Warheads and Fruit Gushers.

And if you were born in 2000, there was colorful ketchup…green and purple.

By the way, if our youngest kids look back someday, they’ll say “what the heck was a Charcuterie board?”

Want to see the full list? Click HERE!

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