Overlooked Body Parts That Need Exercise

What do you think of when you hear “full-body workout?” Probably your core, legs, arms and glutes. But experts say if we really want to improve our overall health and well-being, we’re forgetting to exercise these important body parts.

  • Your brain- Our brains benefit from training just as much as the rest of the body. Brain function can decline over time, but exercising it on a regular basis can enhance cognition and help keep it sharp. Focus on keeping the brain active with challenges like learning a new language, taking up a new hobby or practicing mindfulness meditation.
  • Your lungs- We need to keep them in good health since they have the important job of transporting oxygen from the air we breathe into the blood. Pulmonary medicine specialist Alberto L. Rozo explains that the lungs need exercise to function at peak performance because “lung function declines gradually every year starting at age 35.” Aerobic workouts and doing breath work are exercises that will help increase lung capacity.
  • Your wrists- They need TLC, too, especially before a workout. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph A Gil explains, “It’s important to exercise the muscles that control wrist function in order to optimize strength and joint stability.” A warmup that stretches the wrists and forearms can help prevent injuries.
  • Your feet- The metatarsals are the five bones in your feet that help form the arch of the foot and support a lot of our body weight, so they need special attention to keep working properly. Foot surgeon Dr. Bruce Pinker advises regular foot stretching to prevent injuries and pain.

Source:Huff Post

Front view portrait of man with tablet doing workout exercise indoors at home.

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